Published 9 months ago in Gospel Pop, in album: The Unlimited God

Dance In The Holy Ghost

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We don't fight to be rich because we are already rich in Christ. No more failure, bondage, sickness, slavery... We are more than winners, we are a royal Prest-hood, a peculiar people, a chosen generation, the salt of the earth, the light of the world.
Jesus Christ as taken my weakness and poverty and has given me his strength, his riches, his health, his life hallelujah
This is one of the top praise songs released by the renowned Cameroonian gospel musician Prosper Germoh in 2017.


Hello ladies and gentlemen
My life is full of testimonies now...
Am no more who I use to be
Am celebrated by legion now
Am counting my blessings one by one
Christ's righteousness,
is credited to us Making us
making us holy
before our God
(everybody say)...
Christ's righteousness,
is credited to us
Making us making us holy
before our God ....2x
We are saved by grace
through faith alone
and are joined heirs with Christ
in the kingdom of our God....
Christ's righteousness
is credited to us
And making us holy
before our God
I need my blessings today...4x
Celebrated by legion... 4x
Ride on eagle's wings, dance in the holy ghost...4x
Oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh...
Ride on eagle's wings
Dance in the holy ghost...
I believe, that he's my shelter,
I believe you're my healer,
I believe that you're my helper
I believe you'll give me my blessings today
Am gona counting one by one.. .
Jehovah nissi one by one..
My blessing,
one by one
Am gona counting.. .
I need my blessings today... 4x
Celebrated by legion...4x
Ride on eagle's wings
(Mount on eagle's wings, take up eagles wings, put on eagle's wings)
... Dancé Dan Le sait esprit
Oooh, oooh...

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