Published 9 months ago in Gospel, in album: Great and Mighty God

More Than Believable

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Great song released in 2017 that will bless you


(-The power of the Lord
-Is working right in me
-I am shinning by the power of the Lord today
-A city built on the hill, can never be hidden eh
-I am shinning like the star into the world)2x

Chorus;(Oh God, it's more than believable, it's more than believable, that you shine your light on )2x

Come on join me let us sing

Chorus again 2x

(-you left your
Throne and came to earth
-that I may live again
-you gave me all the power to heal the sick
-to uproot and to pull down, even to raise the dead, na
-I'm living In victory in Jesus' name)2x

Come on join me let us sing

Chorus 2x

Oh God, what a mighty God you are?
S gracious God that have shown me great and mighty things, that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, men have not even conceived it in their womb, you are great oh God
(Thank you lord for my life
-thank you lord for saving my life, thank you Lord...,thank you Lord,)2x

Join me let's sing

Chorus 2x

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